Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Exhibition Peka Gallery, Technion 2012
Modernist Architect Harry Stern in Bucharest

Monday, March 26, 2012

Carnival on Massada Street

From time to time creative activities happen also in Haifa!

Joy and colors

Here comes the sun :)

Playground for everybody

Soap Bubbles

Fashion designer

Good old times...


Amy, you're back???

Wish list

Check out the codes!

Let's have some fun!

Who wants another flyer?

Eyal's plastic bags painting

I like to be up on your shoulders!
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Small Steps

Simple, small steps makes you more aware of the present, the beauty around, the variety of nature!

Autumn in the northern Israel


             Bird migration might be also an 
             interesting subject in this area:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eco in Israel

Waiting to enter!!!
Umberto Eco is giving a lecture in Tel Aviv University
"The Confessions of a Young Novelist"

...but where is he? Everybody is waiting to enter! NO more seats!!! Hundreds of people in the entrance hall, others outside in front of the sliding glass doors that don't slide anymore.
In Israel, invitations are on big scale, organisation on minimal scale. Is it a game of power or just planning for the size of an ant? Closing doors in front of the guests is the new method of attracting more people? Sometimes it works... 

The Locals

Students, professors and guests waiting

Is there any chance?

Hopeless and tired

Hands up!

Better eat than just look!

Guards enjoying

The animator

What a public event! A manifestation!

Can't see the light!

Finally I decided to leave this event, because there was no chance to enter. The power of the guardian is what matters in the end. Therefor I went outside to enjoy the springtime and a good coffee.

Actually, there where many other huge halls at the University Campus of Tel Aviv. Maybe it wasn't expected that Eco will be such a super star. Originally, he was invited to the International Book fair in Jerusalem. There was a whole week session of famous writers, some of them Romanians.  The lecture in Tel Aviv University was just an extra add to Umberto Eco's trip and success among intellectuals of Israel.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Children Between Walls

Exhibition at Cafe Neto
Haifa, Israel                 
            by Simona O.M.

Our lives are surrounded by walls. These walls are found around old cities, Medieval Citadels, public buildings and private houses. Some Walls are built to protect people, others to separate them.

Children who grow up enclosed between walls are often limited to a certain physical and mental space, dictated by their society. Once they get out of these walls they can discover a brighter world, and experience the freedom to explore their individuality.

Most of the children in these photos are at a transitional stage between childhood and adolescence. They try to surround themselves with walls that will protect them from the outer world. Some kids are tougher, others are softer, some allow themselves to smile, others are too shy. I tried to capture some of their inner beauty.

Children everywhere are joyful, authentic and innocent regardless of the certain walls of family, society, religion and nationality that surround them.


The Three Musketeers


Ali Baba

Alice in Wonderland



Al Jundi

Allah Akbar!